Google Home Mini – Review

For everyone who enjoys a smart home out there, Google Home Mini seems to be just the product. One of the newest developments of Google, in stores for the price point of Rs 4,499, this product is an obvious save. Being a smaller version of Google Home at a lower
price, it certainly owns up to its reputation.

The package itself comes with a Quick Start Guide which contains all the information regarding the product and it’s set up. It also contains a power adapter cable since the device is powered by a Micro USB. The device is circular in shape with a diameter of 98 mm, a
height of 42 mm and weighs 75 g approximately. It has a durable fabric top and a silicon non-skid base and it comes in both chalk and charcoal colors. There are hidden lights and microphones on the surface. The lights appear when the device is activated. It has a speaker
facing upwards which creates 360 degree sounds. Around the edge there is a hard plastic covering where a switch is given to turn the microphone off and at the bottom a reset button is provided.

The device takes less than a few minutes to set up. All you need to do is download Google Home app and Google Home Mini will immediately connect to your android. Of course for syncing services such as back up requires a Google account. The device provides wireless
Bluetooth support through which you can listen to music at the available audio formats of HE-AAC, LC-AAC, MP3, Vorbis, WAV(LPCM), OPUS and FLAC. You can also easily control the volume by tapping on the sides. Chromecast and Chromecast audio is built in although the
sound quality doesn’t seem to be as excellent as you’d expect. But it can also connect to your Spotify and Netflix accounts.

If we want to talk about those extra goodies then this is the right product. Not only does it have its own search engine but the far field voice recognition supports hands-free use. This feature makes it a lot more smarter than most devices since it is a Mini Google through which you can access any necessary information you need. It sets alarms and reminders for you and also is able to make phone calls whether it’s to the nearest pizzeria or someone in your contacts.

So, Google Home Mini is a smart choice and an awesome save at the present price point.

Pros :
• Auditory hands – free Google search bar
• Sets Alarms/Reminders
• Makes phone calls
• Provides wireless Bluetooth support

• Weak sound performance